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It all started with a cornfield and a common vision of a vertically-integrated egg products solution, managing the entire process from grain to finished product. This vision led Rembrandt Foods to become a leading egg ingredient producer in the United States, with global distribution. We supply egg ingredients to food manufacturers, brand owners, foodservice industries, and pet care manufacturers. Our expertise touches virtually every food category, including: mayonnaise and sauces, baked goods, confections, pasta and noodles, nutritional beverages and bars, and prepared foods.


Cage-free to become the standard for Rembrandt Foods

Nation’s 3rd largest egg producer is set to thrive as food industry shifts towards cage-free purchasing


 Spirit Lake, IA – As Rembrandt Foods® continues to grow and expand, cage-free egg production will become the company’s standard.

“Over the last five years, Rembrandt has invested almost exclusively in cage-free egg production houses” said Dave Rettig, Rembrandt Foods President, ”with the unprecedented number of top food companies announcing timelines to switch exclusively to cage-free eggs, we are uniquely positioned for the future in cage-free eggs and egg products”. Continue Reading…


We create our own opportunities and pass them on to the corn growers in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota as well as the areas surrounding our other facilities.

Kelley Brees
Grain Originator

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Ingredient Applications

Fresh Muffins

Our innovation philosophy starts with a simple question: how can we make our eggs work better for our customers?



A Chef Is Cooking An Omelet For A Breakfast

Rembrandt offers a wide assortment of egg blends and patties for all your foodservice occasions.


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