Key Facts

  • Since January 15, 2016 there have been ten outbreaks of avian influenza all in Dubois County, Indiana.
  • Eight of these outbreaks are low pathogenic avian influenza. The USDA chief veterinarian speculates that the LPAI mutated into a highly pathogenic virus in one flock.
  • All ten outbreaks have been found in turkeys. However, there are 155,000 laying chickens that are being depopulated due to the facility being in such close contact with an affected turkey site.
  • There has not been an official statement from the USDA on the size of the impacted flocks. It is estimated that nearly 250,000 birds have been affected.
  • It is understood that up to 4 million laying birds could be in the control zone.
  • This outbreak is the H7N8 strain. This is a different strain than what struck the industry in 2015. Since this is a different strain, it is uncertain how quickly the virus could spread.
  • There are no known cases of H7N8 infecting humans.
  • State officials have already quarantined the affected premises. Currently, six of the ten affected farms have been depopulated.
  • Canada has banned poultry and egg imports from Indiana. South Korea has ceased poultry imports from the United States. The ban in South Korea will not include products that have undergone heat treatment.
  • Government officials are closely monitoring surrounding areas and testing nearby flocks. Surrounding flocks continue to be tested. In the past 24 hours, 221 tests have been submitted all coming back with negative results.  

Rembrandt Status

  • We do not have any flocks that are near the outbreak and are not in the quarantined zone.
  • We continue to have a secure supply through our international egg sourcing.
  • Our 15-point biosecurity improvement plan is in place to continue to protect our birds.
  • Rembrandt continues to closely monitor the situation. We will continue to keep our customers updated as we receive additional information.