Key Facts

  • Since the first reported U.S. avian flu case on December 13, 2014 there have been 213 detections reported in the Mississippi/Central flyway. To date, 21 states have had an outbreak.
  • There have not been any layer sites in Iowa that have been given the clearance to begin repopulation.
  • There have not been any new reported outbreaks in the U.S. since June 17, 2015.
  • The USDA is preparing for a fall 2015 outbreak. The latest report expects there to be as many as 500 or more commercial outbreaks with the fall 2015 migration. Approximately 16% of all wild water fowl are carriers of avian influenza resulting in high potential for exposure.


  • Nearly all quarantines in Iowa have been lifted. With the quarantine lifted permits are no longer required for movement of eggs and egg products. This doesn’t change Rembrandt’s repopulation timeline.
  • A recent report states that the avian flu has cost the Iowa economy $1.2 billion so far. This includes approximately $800 million in lost egg, chicken, and turkey production. As well as $400 million in lost wages to workers and taxes to federal, state and local governments. Approximately 8,500 Iowans have lost their jobs directly related to the outbreaks.
  • It is expected once the USDA begins to clear more sites there will be a shortage for pullets. This could delay repopulation at some sites.

Rembrandt Status

  • We own our own pullet sites; therefore we are not expecting pullet availability to become an issue. Although two of our pullet sites had become AI positive in May our focus is testing negative on these sites.
  • Our Thompson, IA laying facility remains unaffected and we are carefully controlling access to this site to protect our birds.
  • We have restarted breaking at our Renville, Minnesota facility. We plan to restart breaking at our Rembrandt, Iowa facility the week of August 24.