Key Facts

  • Since the first reported U.S. avian flu case on December 13, 2014 there have been 213 detections reported in the Mississippi/Central flyway. To date, 21 states have had an outbreak.
  • There have not been any new reported outbreaks in the U.S. since June 17, 2015.


  • APHIS has compiled a Fall 2015 HPAI Preparedness and Response Plan if AI were to breakout in the fall. This plan includes: promoting on-farm biosecurity practices, improving HPAI surveillance in wild birds, expanding Federal, State, and industry response capabilities, improving capabilities to quickly detect HPAI in domestic poultry and depopulating affected flocks within 24 hours, and enhancing ability to communicate in a timely and effective manor with producers, consumers, legislators, media, and others regarding outbreaks and other information.
  • The government has been watching wildfowl throughout the Midwest to ensure that there has not been any signs of HPAI resurfacing.
  • The use of a vaccine has still not been approved by the government. However, two companies have been awarded contracts to manufacture doses of an AI vaccine. APHIS is stockpiling the vaccines in case the decision is made to use the vaccine in a future outbreak. The decision to use the vaccine in the future will require careful evaluation of the efficacy of the vaccine, possible impacts from using the vaccine in the birds, and potential trade impacts.

Rembrandt Status

  • Our repopulation plan is still on track. We are expecting to bring our first birds onto our Rembrandt site the first week of January 2016.
  • Rembrandt has actively worked with global industry partners to find any available egg supply to help support our customers. We have currently globally sourced approximately 62% of our lost volume from off-line shell to be broken and processed over the next 18 months. The additional sourced volume will be available outside of allocated volume. As a result, this egg carries a different cost structure and will be available at market pricing. Please work with your sales representative for potential options as our egg supply situation changes daily.
  • We have been breaking off-line shell egg at both our Rembrandt, Iowa and Renville, Minnesota facilities.
  • Our Rembrandt, Iowa facility is now in a partial quarantine. This site is no longer required to obtain permits for every load that enters and leaves the facility.
  • We are continually working on increasing our biosecurity measures. We have implemented a new 15 point biosecurity plan. The largest measure of this plan includes pouring concrete at our sites for parking to reduce the amount of dust in the air – a potential cause of AI entering barns.