Homemade Angel Food Cake

Benefits include:

• Lower cost
• Easy handling
• Blends well with other dry ingredients
• Consistent quality


To convert your recipes from liquid to dried egg, the following conversions can be used. Remember that you will need to add the corresponding amount of water.

Whole Egg / 4
Egg White / 8.33
Egg Yolk / 2.22

Generic Example:

       pounds of liquid egg ÷ conversion factor =        pounds of dried egg
Original amount of liquid egg – amount of dried egg =        pounds of water

When preparing your recipe, make sure to add the dried eggs to the other dried ingredients and the water to the wet ingredients.

For additional information on converting from liquid egg to dried egg for your recipe, please contact us at 877-344-4055.

Storage & Shelf Life: Depending on the product, shelf life ranges from 12 months to 18 months when stored at an ambient temperature (maximum temperature of 70°F) – with a maximum humidity of 65%. Once product is reconstituted, it must be used immediately or refrigerated for no more than 4 days.

Please check with your sales representative on product availability and pack size options.

Dried Egg Products:

Dried Whole Egg
• Dried whole egg – Our standard dried whole egg product.
• Dried whole egg with free flow – Contains an anti-caking agent.

Dried Egg Yolk
• Dried Egg Yolk – Our standard dried yolk product.
• Dried Egg Yolk with Free Flow – Contains an anti-caking agent.
• Dried High Fat Egg Yolk – Contains a slightly higher fat content than our regular dried egg yolk.

Dried Egg Whites
• Dried Egg Whites – Our standard dried egg white product.
• Dried Angel Egg Whites – Contains sodium lauryl sulfate for a whipping aid. Perfect for meringues.
• Dried Egg Whites High Whip – An alternative to Dried Angel Egg Whites that contains no sodium lauryl sulfate. Great for foams, including Angel food cakes.