Dried Egg Extension

 Benefits include:

• Easy handling.
• Blends well with other dry ingredients.
• Consistent quality.
• 1:1 substitution for Standard Dried Egg products.
• Aroma, color, and taste typical of Standard Dried Egg Products.
• Offers cost savings.

Storage & Shelf Life: The shelf life is 1 year from the date of manufacture when stored in a cool, dry sanitary area. Keep away from sources of heat and water. The product should be stored at a maximum humidity of 65% and maximum temperature of 70° F.

Please check with your sales representative on product availability and pack size options.

Dried Egg White Extender.

•REMDRI 8910 – WTI.

Dried Whole Egg Extender.

•REMDRI 2925 – WTI.